If you are getting ready for summer and are planning some wildflower seed to get your yard and garden looking great for summer there are many places that you can buy seeds. One place that you can get good deals on plant seeds is buying them online. There are many sites that sell seeds online. You want to make sure that you dealing with a reputable website. Here are a few tips to make sure that you are dealing with a reputable site:

Guarantee – When dealing with wildflower seeds bulk you want to make sure that they grow. Look for a site that offers a guarantee on their seeds and if they don’t spout they will replace them. While you can’t expect every seed to germinate, if a lot of them are not sprouting you should return them for another packet. Reputable sites will gladly replace products that are not living up to their guarantee.

Reviews – You should read reviews on any site that you are planning to buy Vermont Wildflower Farm from. Do a Google search on the site name and look for any complaints about the quality of the product or the service. You want to make sure that you are getting a good product and that it is shipped promptly.



The Peak, or Victoria Peak, is a mountain in the western park of Hong Kong and the tallest mountain on Hong Kong Island. It reaches 552 m and offers soaring views over Central District, Victoria Harbour, the sea and nearby islands. It is a popular tourist destination and easily reached by tram from Central District. The tram itself is a fantastic experience up the mountainside, though the Peak can also be accessed by car or by hiking the Old Peak Road.

The Peak was previously used as a signalling point for cargo ships and a summer escape from the city heat below. Wealthy residents built homes here, utilising sedan chairs to travel up the mountainside. Alexander Findlay Smith petitioned for the Peak Tram to boost tourism to the Peak, and it opened in 1926.

The tram terminates at the Peak Tower, a shopping and leisure complex housing. The Peak Tower houses The Peak Tram Historical Gallery, a tribute to the historical periods that the Peak Tram has served, as well as Madame Tussauds Hong Kong and other attractions alongside various gift shops and restaurants. You can get a rewards card to use at the Peak.

The Peak Tower is located in a slight dip below the summit so as not to obstruct the hillside skyline. It is built over seven floors, with 360 degree views available from the Sky Terrace 428. This viewing platform also houses the Sky Gallery, with historical photographs of the city, and the West Deck, which is available for venue hire. The Peak Galleria is an additional shopping and leisure complex, with restaurants and a larger viewing platform than that at the Peak Tower.



In actual fact, there are definite guitar models that are popular with guitarists that you cannot get left handed at all. Some have never been available in left hand.


Fortunately there is one guitar brand in the world that makes martin d28  left handed guitars and left-handed bass guitars only: Gaskell Guitars.


Gaskell Guitars has been going strong formally since 2006 and has become international renowned for left handed guitars, designed by a lefty, for lefties only.


Gaskell makes left handed guitars and basses that are otherwise not available in left hand option by original manufacturers. Here are some examples:


If you are a left-handed guitarist and you want to play, for example, a Firebird style guitar you will be confronted with the following list of facts:


a)      Gibson, the original maker of Firebird guitars has never made a production reverse body Firebird. The model is nearly 50 years old!